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And To Glory We Will Go

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Jan 27 '11

I think it says a lot for how far Lucas has come this season that he’s out for one game and people question it

I remember a time not too long ago when we only had to see him on the bench and some people would worry and now we’re panicing over the exact opposite.

Credit to him, he’s given some solid performances this season and I think we definitly missed him last night. Or at least we looked like we did.

Hope his thigh injury won’t keep him out for too long! Esp with him being included in the brazil squad for the weekend!

I suppose Poulsen deserves a mention too tbf! He did really well last night. I won’t be groaning in frustration to see him play for us anymore, thats for sure, his last few games have been good! I was so happy he went off to applause last night!

Konchesky doesn’t look like he’s going to get the chance to prove himself though, he looks set to leave Anfield for Fulham before the window closes.

  1. wingsofambition said: No kidding about Lucas. I used to HATE the guy, now he’s one of the better players, I think. And if the Konchesky-Dempsey trade actually happens, I will be all kinds of happy. I love Dempsey to death. And not just cause I’m an American, hahaha.
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